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30 June 2021

The growing popularity of Digital Wedding Invites



The world may have come to a standstill when the pandemic hit, but one recurring event
which we saw more of was weddings. Several people however chose not to change their
wedding dates and opted for intimate small settings to tie the knot. Not only the need of the
hour, but these weddings have also turned out to be economically beneficial and eco friendly
in multiple ways where wastage is being reduced – especially with Wedding Invites becoming


Digital wedding Invites, E-Invites, or E-vites. are allowing couples to embrace their
individuality and reflect their taste with ease. These invites are easier on the pocket as they
save overhead expenses like printing, shipping, and distributing; and also the time and energy
of the hosts. Families and couples are also growing fonder of digital invites for another major
reason – the chance to be more creative and personal. E-vites can involve various creative
elements, like audio, photographs, and video snippets, as they eventually become souvenirs to
be cherished for a long time.


Everybody today is addicted to their phones and checks them regularly. Sending E-invites
ensures faster delivery and RSVP, helping the host families save time and making the further
planning accurate; unlike traditional paper wedding invites, which takes days and weeks to
reach via postage causing unnecessary stress. The guest list has the tendency to bloat up at
the last minute, and with E-invites, one doesn’t have to worry about placing the order again
and being charged comparatively higher than the first time for those extra wedding cards. It
also makes it easier for the guests to arrive at the venue without any hustle as the E-invite will
always be accompanying them, with linked map directions to your wedding venue.


Wedding e-invites can be made more interactive and exciting. E-invites are available in video
formats where you can tell your wedding story in animated frames. People love animations
and that makes invitations more personalized and brings them to life. Even in a multi-page
wedding invitation PDF, E-invites make use of creative illustrations and pleasing colour
combinations to make it look more rich and real. It can also include various other elements
such as the introduction of the bridal couple, maps and locations, a photo gallery, and much
more. These e-invites can also be tweaked to cater to different groups such as an additional
element for family and a different one for friends, without shelling anything extra!


What’s your wedding style? Do you love the floral, classic, rustic, or metallic theme? Or, are
you more drawn to a seasonal, modern, vintage, or cultural look?


Whatever your taste, an all-in-one online wedding card designer like the Butterfly Design
Studio, lets you easily customize hundreds of design options. Your online wedding invitation


will look professional, beautiful, unique, and consistent with the style of your wedding. You
can also edit your design or choose a new one any time you wish. A big benefit of online
invitations as opposed to print invitations is that you change it up to your heart’s content.


It is clear why digital invites are currently growing in popularity and are here to stay. Going
paperless can save not only the environment but your bank account as well. You wouldn’t
need to print hundreds of paper invitations that will most likely end up in the landfill after the


By Rishleen Bajaj
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