In The End, Everyone Wins. The journey to our second consecutive win at IBDA 2021 and how it has impacted us

10 February 2022

Did you know? According to cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist Ian Robertson, power
and success in competitive environments have a positive effect on the brain; otherwise known
as the “Winner Effect”. Individuals that experience the Winner Effect then become more
focused, confident, and competitive.
Our IBDA win in 2020 however, impacted our hearts. It opened our eyes to the potential that
heartfelt projects have, in which the whole team becomes emotionally invested. Thus began
our journey of ideation and the urge to bring about social change or trigger certain emotions
through our annual corporate gift design – The Sugam Calendar 2021. After umpteen rounds
of ideation and discussion, we decided to dedicate this year of hope and aspirations to people
who give birth to a hopeful ray into various dark lives.
The vision behind creating this calendar was to create awareness about various organizations
across the country that are making a difference or bringing change to society, a community, or
an individual. Owing to the global situation around us, it was imperative for us to initiate the
conversation about being grateful for what we have and to share with others as per our
capabilities. We spoke with many organizations catering to overwhelming causes, like organ
donation, rehabilitating acid attack victims, providing support for higher education,
organizations that give housing to kids who are HIV positive. We heard their stories, their
inspiration, their pain points, and their requirements. Each month was dedicated to one
initiative where the front page of each month had an illustration made especially for an
organization and the back had a story from their experiences that would help people connect
to these causes on a human level. The contact details were also provided at the back of the
month, and as an index on the last page of the calendar, as a subtle nudge for people to make
contributions to the organizations.
We wanted to make sure that we not only instill gratefulness and the spirit of giving through
written directions or inspirational quotes but also through the look and design of our calendar.
Hence, the calendar, shaped like a piggy bank with an opening on top, reflected the thought
that even the smallest of contributions could make a big difference. Each month dedicated to
an organization contained a message for them to increase the connection of the gift receiver
with these change-makers of our society.
Our constant belief that great things can happen when people come together, celebrating
these worthy ventures and shedding more light on them, got us our second IBDA Award 2021
in the Social Impact Category. We have gotten a little bit closer to our initial mission of
having more people learn about these organizations and help them with their beautiful vision.
Happiness is contagious, it multiplies when you share it. The joy that we feel when we create
a smile is unparalleled. When the world was in chaos and everyone needed a sign of
positivity, we at Butterfly Design Studio brainstormed with our client Sugam, to create “How
big is your heart?” and gave in our best to contribute to society in our own little way!

By Rishleen Bajaj
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