The Subtle Woes of a Graphic Designer

26 July 2021

and How to Overcome Them



The ever-growing industry of Graphic Design is not only competitive but full of challenges that every
designer faces at some point or another. These challenges surface not only in specific projects or while
working with certain clients, but also with themselves. The mantra however is to find solutions to
these challenges, in this dynamic industry.
1. Explaining To Clients That Graphic Design Isn’t Magic.
It is the innate nature of designers to work fast. However, getting certain projects done in a short, and
confined time limit is indeed one of the biggest challenges. With the current fast-paced technology,
clients often unrealistically expect designers to provide quick solutions to their problems. “It is a task
altogether to explain that just because something is digital, does not mean it didn’t take time and effort
to create”, says Aastha Saraf, Founder and CEO of Butterfly Design Studio, Kolkata.
Working with software and programs consistently makes them second nature for a designer, helping
work gain pace.
2. Balancing Client Needs & Studio Design Aesthetic
A great designer is also a great collaborator. Sometimes the client may step on a designer’s toes and
ask for changes or make suggestions that do not fit the design language of a project. It then becomes
crucial to explain to the clients how the final product is an amalgamation of their vision and your
creative experience.
Clients are also infamous for changing the brief in the middle of the project, causing extra effort
without any compensation. “It is best to keep the client in the loop with the process. This not only
makes them feel involved and satisfied but also saves studio time by avoiding discrepancies”, says
3. Ethical Creativity
“Sometimes clients show me images and ask me to replicate them, but differently. It leaves me
astounded”, says Anamika Mandal, Senior Graphic Designer at Butterfly Design Studio. Research and
inspiration are a huge part of jumpstarting a project. As important it is to understand trends and get
inspiration from the vast pool of admirable work, it is just as important to stay true to yourself. It’s
essential to take the trends and put your unique spin on them, making your work stand out from the
crowd. Plagiarism is unethical and offensive to the whole design community. Being unique is what
helps designers survive in this industry.
4. Doubting Yourself
An Artist’s block is the most common state of being for any designer/writer/creator. Masters of the
Arts also face it as much as amateurs. It is the last thing that should make one doubt their capabilities
or talent. Experts believe that it may be caused due to a lack of confidence, repetitive projects and/or
disclarity of ideas.
Each individual has their own way of dealing with these bumps on their journey of producing unique
creative content. Some sleep over it, some swear by their cup of caffeine and some watch other
creative content to gain motivation. Take your time to find out what gets your serotonin level high and
embrace the block as it eventually makes your work better!
5. Jack of All, Master of One
Most Design Agencies are niche groups. It is a small team of skilled people working together, which
means that sometimes (or often!) there may be more on your plate than you would have expected.
Filling in for colleagues or taking leadership roles and responsibilities is not only a mark of a good
team member but also helps improve your personal skills such as communication, interpersonal
relations, etc. Agencies are always looking for people who can multitask and juggle various hats.
Even if you are a freelancer, getting involved with the client and their team significantly improves the
quality of your work as you understand them better, and creates great professional relationships for
future endeavours!
Although these challenges might seem overwhelming, we at Butterfly Design Studio believe that there
is always a creative solution to every problem! Dealing with these shortcomings eventually pays off
really well!

By Rishleen Bajaj
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