Sugam Calendar 2021

Sugam Calendar 2021 “How big is your Heart?”, is this year’s calendar designed for Sugam Homes, who send out their annual calendars with the pursuit to deliver happiness in unique and creative ways. Since the past year hasn’t been easy, they wanted to take their mission a notch above. Instead of delivering happiness, this year […]


Orbit Orbit group, a Kolkata based real estate firm wanted us to design rich looking diaries for their corporate gifting requirement. The diary is based on their CSR – I love Kolkata. They wanted to promote the city and create a nostalgic feeling among the people when they would use the diary. The look and […]

Thank You Card

STATIONERY DESIGN These are personalised greeting cards designed on a craft paper with just a little bling to add some sparkle to the celebrations!     Deliverables Envelope design & best wishes card design     Envelope – Front & Back   Card – Front & Back   Card & Envelope


Sugam – Calendar Design In the spirit of Building Happy Communities, we designed a musical calendar for Sugam. Music spreads happiness and this special New year gift. Music tells stories, stir emotions and brings people together. Our plan was to add joy to the everyday life of people by adding more music to it. Our […]

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